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    SVG Optimization

    In the world of image formats, there are generally two types: raster and vector. Raster images are made up of a grid of pixels with each pixel having one color. Together, all the pixels create an image. This keeps image file sizes quite small and easy to share. JPGs, for example, are raster images.

    SVG is a vector-based format. SVG images are XML files, composed of a series of mathematical nodes, lines, shapes, and curves. Because of this, vector images can be scaled infinitely without any loss of quality.

    Why would you need to optimize an SVG?

    Since an SVG is, at its core, an enormous text file with many lines of code, they are easily compressed. Within the XML file, you’ll find a lot of repetitious code. A good SVG optimizer can remove these extra lines to make the file smaller. If you repeat this process over the entire XML file, you can make the overall file size significantly smaller.

    Thankfully, this optimization won’t have any effect on the visual quality of the image due to the nature of the vector format.

    How does the SVG optimizer work?

    Using our SVG optimizer tool is easy, effective, and free. You don’t need to sign up for an account, give us your email, or deal with watermarked images. You can also use it as much as you need without cost.

    To begin, upload one or up to 20 SVG files by hitting the “UPLOAD FILES” button. Conversely, you can drag and drop your files to the specified area.

    Our tool will automatically start to optimize your SVG file(s). You can watch a progress bar under each image in the queue as the process proceeds. When optimization is complete, you’ll see a “DOWNLOAD” button. Hit that and you’ll have a new optimized SVG.

    However, you can save some time by waiting for all conversions to finish and then hitting the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. Doing so nets you a ZIP file with all your optimized SVGs included.

    Need to do more than 20 optimizations? That’s fine, just hit “CLEAR QUEUE” and upload more files to the SVG optimizer. There is no limit to how many batches you can process.

    Is it safe to optimize an SVG file?

    You have nothing to worry about when using our online optimization tool. Our unmanned server keeps your files secure and purges everything after one hour. If you’re worried about privacy, you can rest assured that your original files and the optimized versions will be deleted after just 60 minutes.

    Speaking of your original SVGs, they remain safe on your computer. If for whatever reason our optimized versions are not satisfactory, you can always fall back to your master files.